*A senior Bionformatician with experience both in High Tech and in academia.  *Expertise in  the field of Genomics, Systems Biology, NGS.  *Excellent presentation skills.  *Giving university level lectures and workshops as well as private consulting in the field.  


February 2017 - present:  Guest Lecturer, Postgraduate Medical School in Cluj, Center for Functional Genomics

As an invited Guest Lecturer, I teach Python Biocomputing and several lectures in the Systems Biology module (Next Generation Sequencing in Personalised Medicine, Pathway Analysis)

June 2014 - present:          ArtsTwist Apps, Owner

A hobby outside of Bioinformatics: I develop a series of mobile apps for children - ArtsTwist Find It... Everything behind these apps is done by me: design, technical specification, the actual programming in Objective C, deploying on AppStore, website and social media promoting.  See more at or

February 2013 - April 2014: Guest Lecturer on MSc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Module, Birkbeck, University of London

I was an invited Guest Lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London. The lecture I delivered regularly was part of the MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology course, and my topic was Next Generation Sequencing and Personalised Medicine.

May 2011 – June 2014: Senior Solutions Consultant, Healthcare, IDBS

This was a senior role, reporting to the director of Translational Medicine Solutions, part of the Healthcare Unit of IDBS (for IDBS Translational Research Solutions, Next Generation Sequencing Management Solutions)

  • Leading all types of presales activities: customer presentations and software demonstrations, WebEx software presentations, scientific webinars
  • Presenting complex software solutions to senior personnel (C-level executives, Directors, Principal investigators)
  • Maintaining a software demonstration environment to support the sales effort 
  • Creating and delivering training on IDBS products and solutions for healthcare clients
  • Expertise in Bioinformatics: Data Integration, Next Generation Sequencing data management and analysis, analysis of microarray based data, Text Mining, etc.    

2009-2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Bioinformatics, Surrey Sleep Research Centre

  • analyzing microarray gene expression data from a large-scale multidisciplinary systems biology project related to sleep
  • pathway analysis using GeneGo
  • implementing the pipeline for microarray processing and integration of gene expression data with cognitive data

2005-2007:  Teaching assistant for Biocomputing (Perl) and Biological Databases modules on Birkbeck  MSc Bioinformatics course.

2004:            Bioinformatics Developer, Rosetta Genomics, Israel

working on discovery of novel microRNA genes, using a proprietary bioinformatics approach (4 months)

2000-2001: Software Developer, Research and Development, Mercury Interactive (today Hewlett Packard), Israel

programming in Delphi (object oriented) and VB, emphasis on developing integrations between Quality Center (one of the leading company's tools) and different customers' tools 

1998-2000: Technical Support Engineer for European Customers, Mercury Interactive (today Hewlett    Packard), Israel

responsible for technical problems and issues of big European customers and for  development of different integrations between Quality Center and customers’ tools. 


2005 to 2009: PhD in Bioinformatics, School of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London

2002-2003: MSc in Bioinformatics, School of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London, with distinction

1998-1999: Programming and Computer Communication Studies, IBM Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel, with distinction

1993-1996: B.Sc. in Biology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with merit


2005 -2008:  Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS)

United Kingdom Scholarship for international research students of outstanding merit and research potential


Postdoctoral Research:

I was a Bioinformatician on a project called ‘Cognitive Vulnerability Following Extended Wakefulness in Defined Genotypes’.  This is a large scale interdisciplinary project bringing together scientists from diverse fields, such as cognition, circadian biology, physiology, medicine and molecular biology. As part of the microarray group, my duties started with the creation of a custom Agilent microarray to be used in this project, and they included the automation of the microarray expression data processing, quality assurance and various differential expression analyses. Finally, I used GeneGO in order to make biological sense of the gene expression results. 


My PhD thesis examines two kinds of systems for biomedical text mining: gene/protein tagging systems, and systems for extracting gene/protein interactions from text.  Most of these systems were designed with different goals in mind, and their performance is difficult to compare, which was the key focus of my research.  This project was entirely computational, and involved mostly Perl programming, and various text processing and other statistical methods. 


  • Programming: Perl, Python, R,  Java on both Unix and Windows platforms
  • Microarray analysis: (R, Bioconductor, Genespring)
  • Systems biology software: GeneGO, and various free alternatives
  • Extensive knowledge of Agilent microarray platform and associated software
  • Extensive knowledge of Text Mining tools and algorithms (e.g. Named Entity Recognition tools and  gene/protein interaction systems), in particular in the life science domain


  • Mother tongue: Serbo-Croatian; 
  • Fluency in English and Hebrew;
  • Working knowledge of Romania, German and Czech


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British Sleep Society, 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting, 22-24 September 2010, Cambridge. Monitoring effects of sleep loss and circadian rhythms on gene expression in human leukocytes.

PER3 Special interest meeting, European Sleep Research Society Conference, Sintra, 12-13  September 2010.   Microarray analysis of the effect of circadian phase and sleep restriction on gene expression in leukocytes.

Computational Biology Meeting, Birkbeck College, 18th November 2010. Microarray analysis of the effect of PER3 genotype and sleep deprivation on gene expression in leukocytes.


Both academic and industry references available upon request.